Fully managed, enterprise grade

Stream Processing as a Service

built on Apache Kafka® and Apache Flink®

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Modern use cases demand real-time data

Manufacturing: Real-Time Yield and Efficiency Analytics

Social Media: Aggregation, Correlation, Analysis

NetSec/GovTech: Anomaly Detection/Threat Processing and Alerting

Transportation: Geo-tracking, Autonmous Vehicles, Telemetry Management

IoT: Smart Cities, Power Grid Management, Renewable Energy

Fintech: Fraud Analysis, Security Management, Instant pricing

The Eventador Stack
You write the stream processing code, we handle the rest

What people think...

The Eventador.io control plane

Deploy integrated Apache Kafka and Apache Flink clusters

A Fully Managed, Enterprise-Grade Service

Build and deploy a complete streaming environment to AWS with just a few clicks

Connect easily and securely: ACLs, SSL, and VPC peering options

Team management features

Deploy Flink processors in Java, Scala or even Kotlin

Projects expose Github SDLC integration for your processing code

Management interface with metrics and graphs

Flexible deployment models including AWS GovCloud

Amazing 24x7x365 expert support